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Where everything happens in mobile. 

Renewed Mobile

Triniti offers a wide range of renewed mobile phones from leading brands such as Apple, Samsung and more.


All our renewed phones undergo a rigorous testing process to ensure that they are in excellent condition.


In addition to renewed mobile phones, we offer an extensive range of mobile accessories such as chargers, cables, cases, screen protectors and power banks.


Our premium range of accessories are designed to guarantee the highest levels of performance and quality. 


Triniti supports wholesale customers globally with premium retail ready and wholesale products.


We offer competitive pricing, next day and global delivery.

A fresh approach to Renewed devices and accessories

Triniti take pride in offering renewed devices and industry leading premium accessories.


Our team of experts carefully inspects and tests every renewed device to ensure they are in perfect working condition.


We believe that renewing devices is not only good for the environment, but it also provides our customers with an affordable and sustainable alternative to buying new devices.

Providing quality renewed phones, tablets and watches.

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Trade In.

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