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Renewed mobile devices

Triniti offer the quality renewed devices that have undergone a thorough testing process, ensuring they meet stringent standards for performance and appearance.

Each device undergoes extensive testing to ensure all components, including the battery, display, camera, and internal hardware, function properly, this helps guarantee a device that performs like new.


We offer warranty on all our renewed products and our help centre is available to answer any questions throughout your buying journey.


Triniti offers a wide range of accessories for renewed devices such as phones, tablets and watches that include cases, screen protectors, cables, chargers and power banks and more...

Our accessories are designed to complement and enhance the features of our renewed products, providing our customers with a complete gadget experience.

Also available, official Made for iPhone MFI products that work with Apple and Android 'Find My' device and power banks and more...

Just some of the
Triniti range of products.

Trade In

Triniti buyback offer a great solution for your wallet and the planet. Sell your unwanted electronics to us today.

As you upgrade to new devices, we'll purchase your old phone and give it a new lease of life.

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